My name is Kirsten! For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed performing. When I was little I went through stages where I aspired to be almost every Disney character that exists (including Minnie Mouse) , so imagine how excited I was when I was presented and opportunity to do so! In high school I studied early childhood education and even taught the Lil' Bobcats Preschool for a few years. I love children and always have! I currently attend Harford Community College where I am studying Mass Communications. In my free time I volunteer with an animal rescue and act for television shows/movies. I have been with an acting agency since the first grade, but most recently you can find me on House of Cards or America's Most Wanted! I cannot wait to see the smile on your child's face as The Magic Continues gives them the experience of a lifetime! 

Hello! My name is Taylor Feiss and I am the creator and extremely proud owner of The Magic Continues! 

​Growing up I lived and breathed everything Disney. Every family vacation was spent in Disney World, I knew every Disney song by heart (and I still do!), princesses dresses were my every day attire and leaving my house with out my tiara on was not an option. As I got older I became a babysitter, a nanny and volunteered at children hospitals in my spare time.

As a college student my degree required me to have an internship where I was working with children and I couldn't think of a better place than Walt Disney World its self! With just a little faith, trust and some pixie dust, I was chosen to be a cast member for Disney World which it really is the happiest Place on Earth! My role at Disney had me working inside the magical walls of Cinderellas Castle where there was never a shortage of pixie dust or magic! The highlight of my day was being able to create the smiles on the faces of children and making dreams come true when working with the Make a Wish Foundation. While my internship in Disney was simply the most magical time of my life, I had realized that it was time to come home and finish getting my degree.

Soon after returning home I realized some children will never get the opportunity to visit their favorite character in Disney, whether it be for health or other reasons, broke my heart. I started working part time for other character companies but the magic wasn't the same. That is how the idea for this company came about and the name was inspired by taking the magic that I helped create in Disney World and bringing it back home!

All of our Performers I have personally hand picked and hold them to the same standard that I was held at while working in Disney. Some of them worked with me in Disney, some are professional actors and actresses and others are simply Disney Lovers and all who adore working with children! I can promise you we will make sure your event will be full of everlasting memories that will continue to bring smiles for years to follow!

- Taylor Feiss








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My name is Libby! I love Disney. What I love about it is no matter how old someone is it takes them back to their childhood and has a special way of brightening days. Working at The Magic Continues allows me to be the one to put that smile on a someones face, and I love that! Even if it's their 1st time meeting a princess or their billionth, I strive to make each experience magical and memorable!

​Hi There!

My name is Lizzie and I have always been a huge fan of Disney ever since I can remember! I love Disney because it keeps a little bit of magic alive inside all of us as we grow up. The many lessons that the stories teach us when we are young but may be too young to understand and as we grow older we become more aware of those lessons. Disney give light to dreams and inspires everyone to dream big !My favorite Princesses would be Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Belle from beauty and the Beast, and I love Megera from Hercules.  A little bit about myself. I love to sing, act, and I Figure Skate. I love Jesus and attend Epic Community Church! I am very outgoing and love to work with children. I hope that I can be an inspiration to those around me every chance I get.  ​​​

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My name is Kelly! I have a passion for all things Disney and was a cast member at Walt Disney World in 2014. While in high school, I took three years of drama and appeared in several plays. Acting is something I have always loved. Being a performer for The Magic Continues gives me the opportunity to put the two things I love most together : princesses and acting! 


My name is Julie! I started singing when I was eight years old when I auditioned for the Children's Chorus of Maryland. From there I took many vocal lessons and participated in musical theater throughout my academic years. I recently graduated from Salisbury University where I studied psychology and Social Work. My goal in life is to help children and people in need. In my spare time I love volunteering with the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! I'm excited to be performing with The Magic Continues because I love Disney! Disney makes me feel like a kid again. Its where dreams come true!

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